These are things that I was surprised by in BC, Canada.!

-Every sign and label is written in English and French since both are their official language.

-They have four seasons like Japan!
*There are beautiful cherry blossoms too. The awesome thing is that there is no pollen allergy in the spring and no humid days in the summer!

-They take off their shoes when they enter the house! It's the same as Japanese culture!!

-The delivery service is not as kind as the one in Japan.
*They never deliver to the house again in the case that receivers are not at home when the parcels are delivered the first time. So in that case, the receivers have to go to the nearest post office or sometimes go to the office which is located so far away.

-Marijuana is illegal, but very common. You will smell it downtown in Vancouver. *I hate it. I swear I will never try it.

-In Vancouver, there are a lot of homeless people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol. Some people look like zombies because their faces and bodies are almost inflamed by drugs.
*I don't like that homeless people use cats or dogs in order to get sympathy.

7.バスを降りる時は、ドライバーに"Thank you!"と大きな声で言う習慣があって素敵。
-Many people say "Thank you," to the driver when they get off the bus.

-We rarely see motorbikes since we have a lot of rain on the west side of Canada.

-Medical expenses are free!
*At first, I thought it's a really good system. But Canadians complain that every clinic is always crowded because people frequently go there to see the doctor. But I think it's much better than the medical system in the US which is super expensive. Anyways, each of these system has its merits and demerits.

-We can buy alcohol only at liquor stores and we are never allowed to drink it in public places.
*In Japan, we can buy alcohol at supermarkets and convenience stores as well. We have even vending machine for alcohol!

-It's a big multicultural country. There are so many immigrants and international students and workers, especially in Vancouver. They cherish their own cultures including life style and languages.
*So, while I was walking downtown in Vancouver, I heard various kinds of languages.

-They usually don't do overtime!
*I felt that they really cherish spending time with their family after work and on holidays.

-They can keep studying forever if they want to!
*It's more common in Canada to go to a university or college again even if they already graduated from one, or have kids, or have jobs, or they are already retired. This environment is amazing!

-We sometimes can see squirrels, rabbits, raccoons, or deers in the garden.

-The price for getting a driver's license is so cheap(about $400?), but it takes a long time to get a real license.
*In Japan, we have to pay more than $2,000.But we can get it in one month in the shortest.

-Not every car, but when the car is locked, the horn was usually honked.
*I heard that actually the car locks without honking the horn but if they press the lock key again the horn honks. Lots of people press the button twice to make sure it locked.

-Cars can turn right even though the traffic signal is red!

-Canadians love "Peanut butter"! I think each family has A big jar of peanut butter!

19.カナダ人男性は、ホッケーの試合を見始めると・・豹変します。笑 悪い意味ではないです。笑
-Canadian guys get so excited while watching hockey games. Hockey is a very popular sport in Canada.

-They don't dry clothing outside. They always use drying machines.
*I heard that some Chinese or Philippine Canadian families dry it outside.

-They really like Japanese food, especially sushi! There are tons of Japanese restaurants in Vancouver.
*Unfortunately, more than half of them are ran by non Japanese.
*I though it's interesting that some Canadian friends eat sushi more than Japanese people. On top of that, some foreigners think that Japanese people eat sushi a few times a week.

-"Sharing a house" is very common. They enjoy sharing a house with people of different age, sex, culture etc.

-Coffee at Starbucks is not expensive in Canada.
*I was surprised at very expensive Starbucks coffee in Japan.

-They don't care about age!

-Their relationships are so open! They often take their boyfriend or girlfriend to a party. It's common to make friends on Facebook with their parents, siblings, and relatives.

-The price of cigarettes is very expensive. It costs about $8 per pack of cigarettes.

-The places where people can smoke are limited.Only a few Asian international students smoke in public spaces even though it's not allowed.

-There are a lot of gay couples in Canada, and it is acceptable by the society! That's great.

-There are many places where we can get free WiFi.

-At almost every restaurant, we can just eat whatever we like and then take the leftover home.

-Even in kindergarden, kids have presentations in front of classmates. They are good at talking and explaining something, or speaking their opinions.

.......Well, in conclusion I still like both Canada and Japan :)
# by makik02150215 | 2013-06-17 14:26 | special

Japanese Cultural Event


I attended the Japanese Cultural Event today. It was great meeting them again! I'm so happy that I met many students who are learning Japanese language and culture. After the event, we went to the Japanese restaurant and karaoke, and had a lot of fun!!
# by makik02150215 | 2012-12-07 19:56 | ★Victoria★

Japanese food


I and my friend sometimes study together. Today I cooked some Japanese food for him:) Now I'm full and sleepy, but I have to finish the analytical report...
# by makik02150215 | 2012-12-06 20:02 | COOKING

Japanese food, karaoke, and ramen again!


My friend came for lunch today. I didn't have time to go to a grocery store, so I cooked hamburger steak and some other quick food. At night, I went to karaoke with my language exchange partner and his two friends. I was shocked when he and his Canadian friend sang Japanese songs very well and I thought they are almost Japanese...I sang some Japanese songs and English songs too! That was so fun. After karaoke, we went for dinner at kuma-ramen. I didn't expect to go to kuma-ramen twice a week lol
# by makik02150215 | 2012-12-05 19:51 | ★Victoria★

Letters from..

f0128367_20214126.jpgMy students, the little girls who I teach Japanese to gave me lovely letters today. This is one of my favorite days of the week, to meet them and have dinner with a Canadian family.
# by makik02150215 | 2012-12-04 20:20 | ★Victoria★

Sunday Morning


I woke up to the song "Sunday Morning" by Maroon 5. Since I came to Canada, I've often listened to their songs.
Today was a great day too. After I took a walk with my friend, we went to Subway near my house. While we were eating inside, the clerk asked me “Are you Japanese?" I said yes, and he started talking how he likes the Japanese movie "LAST SAMURAI.” I'm glad that he knows many things about the movie or Japanese history, but I though he would talk forever lol
Anyways, he was nice.
For dinner, I went with my friend to our favorite restaurant to celebrate his birthday. He is one of my close friends in Victoria. I met him in Washington, and he helped me a lot after I moved here. That night, we ate a big cheese cake too!

# by makik02150215 | 2012-12-02 19:44 | ★Victoria★

My friend was coming from Vancouver.

f0128367_19364539.jpgMy Korean friend came to Victoria from Vancouver today, We met downtown and enjoyed chatting over a cup of coffee. We haven't talked each other for a long time, so we couldn't stop talking. That night, I went to my friend's house and we had dinner together. Samgyopusaru was tasty :*) Today was a really happy day!

On my way home, I saw a Christmas parade!


# by makik02150215 | 2012-12-01 19:35 | ★Victoria★

Japanese Conversation Club

Today, I joined the Japanese Conversation Club at my friend's University. I didn't know there is such an interesting club! We did some games using English and Japanese and it was fun! After that, I went to Kuma-Ramen (a famous ramen restaurant in Victoria) with students who are studying Japanese. I founded that I really wanted to help them to study Japanese language and culture. Then after that, I joined a party with my Japanese friends and met a lot of nice people. Also, I ran into my roommates there! We found that we have some common friends too. What a small world!! Anyway, I really have to appreciate my friends who took me to the party <3
# by makik02150215 | 2012-11-30 19:26 | ★Victoria★

Katsu- Carry


My friend who used to live in Japan came for dinner, so I made Katsu-carry for him. I was really happy that he liked it!
# by makik02150215 | 2012-11-29 20:01 | COOKING

Drunk Scavenger Hunt!

f0128367_19151181.jpgIt was the most awesome birthday event ever!
My friend planned the drunk Scavenger Hunt for his own birthday. Not only his friends but also his brother and cousin gathered at the bar, and we did a Scavenger Hunt downtown. We did a lot of funny and crazy things. I was so impressed that the people in Victoria were all cooperative. That's amazing. I want to do this game again before I go back to Japan..
# by makik02150215 | 2012-11-23 19:12 | ★Victoria★

Using leftover Tempra


I used leftover Tempra to make a special dish that my granma used to make me. I strongly recommend it! It's really easy, so please give it a go!
Sauce ingredients : 1~2cup dashi soup, 3 Tbsp soy sauce, 3 Tbsp mirin (or sugar), 1 tsp sake, diced radish, ginger, and green onion(for topping)
# by makik02150215 | 2012-11-21 14:13 | COOKING



I made a kind of Tempura(a Japanese dish of battered and deep-fried vegetables and shrimp)! I can't live without Japanese food..
# by makik02150215 | 2012-11-20 19:07 | COOKING

New Earphones

After I took a nap, I went to an Italian restaurant on Government Street with my new language exchange partner:) Then, I finally bought new earphones! They fit my ears, and I like them. Now I can listen to music while running at the gym!
今日は(もちろん)テストの後にお昼寝をし、夜は初めて会う友達とのlanguage exchangeで、カジュアルイタリアンに行って来ました♪それから、ようやく新しいイヤホンを購入。$5offで$14.99でした。耳にフィットしてお気に入り!これで、ジムで走りながら思いっきり音楽が聞けるー!
# by makik02150215 | 2012-11-16 14:05 | ★Victoria★

A Long Long Day


Today was a long, but great day.
After 2 hours of language exchange, we had a quick dinner at Fujiya. Because I'm a big fan of Fujiya, I was really happy to go in Victoria too. Then, we attended a badminton class. It was so exciting that I couldn't stop laughing! It didn't matter whether we won or lost, it was really fun.
2時間のlanguage exchangeの後、Fujiya(バンクーバーにもある、日本食スーパー・テイクアウトレストラン)に連れて行ってもらい、そこでテイクアウトのお寿司&餃子を買って夕食を。
その後は、一緒にバドミントンへ!私がいつも行く場所とは違う場所に連れて行ってもらったのですが、私のような初心者も多くて安心。ゲームで勝っても負けてもとにかく楽しくて、笑いが止まらない2時間でした。本当によく笑ったー!!そして帰りにUVIC(University of Victoria)のキャンパス内を車で走っていたら、何と鹿が!さすがビクトリアです。


# by makik02150215 | 2012-11-15 08:48 | ★Victoria★

Yummy Yummy Thai Cuisine!


Two of my friends are going to move away from Victoria, so we went to the Thai restaurant again. I know I should have tried another dish, but I ordered "Pad Thai" again. Maybe next time, I'll try another one!
# by makik02150215 | 2012-11-14 08:43 | ★Victoria★

Language Exchange & Gym

I met a language exchange friend and talked with him for four hours! Time flies so fast! After that, I went to the gym to train and attend a dance class. I'm happy that I feel I have built up my physical strength.
今日のlanguage exchangeは、前回の記録を更新して、カフェに4時間。日本/カナダ、日本語/英語の違い等、色々話していたらあっという間でした!夕方からは、ジムで走って、ダンスのクラスに参加して帰宅。少しずつ、体力が戻ってきた気がして嬉しい。
# by makik02150215 | 2012-11-13 08:37 | ★Victoria★

Drive to Sydney and Home Party


My friend took me to a quiet seaside town, Sidney. Though it was rainy, we chatted and had fun at a café. Then, I joined a big home party with him and met a lot of great people! There were more than 5 people who have been to or lived in Japan, and they told me what they thought. Every story was so funny! These things are always interesting!
# by makik02150215 | 2012-11-11 08:32 | ★Victoria★

Home Party

f0128367_11241630.jpgI finally settled into my new place, so I invited my friends and had a home party! Girls, thanks for coming! HAPPY FRIDAY♥
# by makik02150215 | 2012-11-09 11:23 | ★Victoria★

Korean BBQ & New Language Exchange


I had Yakiniku lunch at a Korean restaurant today. It was really yummy!! I was so full… After that, I met a new language exchange friend. I was so happy that we had a lot of common. I can't believe we stayed at café for 3 and half hours!
その後は、language exchangeの友人とカフェでおしゃべり。あまりに話が盛り上がって、3時間半もカフェにいました(笑)英語も日本語も沢山話せたし、とても充実した時間になりました。
# by makik02150215 | 2012-11-08 10:10 | ★Victoria★

Beacon Hill Park



It was a beautiful sunny day! We walked in the park and by the seaside before going to the gym. It's nice that there are such beautiful places in walking distance!
# by makik02150215 | 2012-11-07 18:22 | ★Victoria★

A chopstick rest and wrapper with origami


The other day, I taught Canadian people how to make a chopstick rest and wrapper with origami. They were different ages and sex, but all of them seemed to enjoy it and did pretty well! I also enjoyed demonstrating:)
# by makik02150215 | 2012-11-06 18:20 | ★Victoria★

My friends visited Victoria!



Two of my Japanese friends in Vancouver came to see me today. I was so happy to meet them here=) We ate & talked a lot...Thank you, Kazuyo & Ayano♥
# by makik02150215 | 2012-11-05 16:46 | ★Victoria★

1 day trip to Coombs!



f0128367_5352438.jpgWe went to Coombs, which is located between Tofino and Victoria, for a 1 day trip. It's a small lovely town with some nice restaurants, market, and souvenir shops. Most Japanese guidebooks don't mention this town, but it's worth going to!

※Coombsといえば、"Old Country Market"!
一番楽しめたのが、「Old Country Market in Coombs(オールド・カントリー・マーケット・イン・クームス)」。

# by makik02150215 | 2012-11-04 05:29 | ★Victoria★

Halloween Party "Trick or Treat!"



As soon as I moved into the new place, my landlord invited me to the Halloween party at his house. So I went to the party with my new roommate from Switzerland. At first, we tried "Carving pumpkin." Of course it was my first time but not as difficult as I thought! I made a smiley face and carved "VICTORIA" in the back. After getting dark, we went to "Trick and Treat" with his lovely children. I didn't know how to do it, but I found it's really fun! Every child was wearing an unique costume and visited the houses which have some pumpkins in front of the house. Parents wait on the sidewalk while their children trick or treat. It was really a good opportunity to know the Canadian culture.


# by makik02150215 | 2012-10-31 18:16 | ★Victoria★

Halloween Party at a Gay Club

f0128367_516372.jpgSince I said "I've never been to gay bar or club," my friends took me to a gay club for Halloween!
# by makik02150215 | 2012-10-27 05:14 | ★Victoria★

live music

f0128367_16504832.jpgI've listened to live music almost everyday. It's really lucky for me. Today, we promised to drink "only one drink!" and went to the bar..
# by makik02150215 | 2012-10-26 18:15 | ★Victoria★

Working out

f0128367_16524192.jpgWe are going to the gym almost everyday! Not only the pass to the gym & pool, also various kinds of classes (eg. dance, yoga, badminton etc..) are included in our membership. Everyday is amazing, even though we are having bad weather this season.
# by makik02150215 | 2012-10-24 18:13 | ★Victoria★

Sightseeing in New York City


PHOTO BLOG (http://sweetphoto.exblog.jp)
# by makik02150215 | 2012-10-24 05:26 | TRAVEL(ABROAD)

A unique bar -Big bad john's-


My roommates from NZ and Australia took me to a very unique bar today. In the bar, there are a tons of paper money, name cards and bras!! I've never seen such a bar! It might sound like a very messy and strange bar, but it's not. I don't know why, but the interior is totally nice. They play country music and it's such a comfortable place.
The free peanuts are also good. But to my surprise, we can(have to) throw the peanut shells on the floor!! So, the floor is covered with shells.
More surprisingly, if you offer the bra that you are wearing, you can get a free shot. (Of course, I didn't offer it :P) If you are looking for some funny places, you should definitely go to this bar!!

Anyway, after that, they took me to SUBWAY for a quick dinner because I never tried SUBWAY either in Japan or Canada. (I know there are a lot of SUBWAYs anywhere, but I really never tried it. ) The comment for the first time going to SUBWAY is, of course YUMMY! Now I know how to order, so I can go there by myself!!
Oh, and after SUBWAY, we went to the movie theater to watch “LOOPERS” because we can see the movie for only $5 on Tuesday! “LOOPERS” was the one I have been wanting to see and actually it's really nice. The ending was different from that I expected, though. I heard we can see this movie next February in Japan!

# by makik02150215 | 2012-10-23 05:11 | ★Victoria★

Playing badminton!


I played badminton with local people today. They are amazingly nice people, so I had a fun in spite of my lack of skills. I had fun meeting everyone!
# by makik02150215 | 2012-10-22 04:56 | ★Victoria★


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